Pratt-Dudley Builders Supply has served the CSRA for over 75 years.

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Pratt-Dudley Builders Supply

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The Pratt-Dudley Story
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Pratt Dudley Builders Supply was founded by P.W. Pratt, Hugh Pratt and Fletcher Dudley in 1950 with the purchase of the Satcher Company located at 629 Tenth St. In the beginning Pratt-Dudley sold only to dealers and distributors. Most of these sales were done by calling upon a dozen or more dealers when product would arrive, quoting prices on the contents and unloading directly into the customer’s truck.

In 1953, Pratt-Dudley purchased Merry Supplies, a retail operation, providing us the much needed exposure and space, as well as allowing us to begin stocking west coast lumber and many other new products. Pratt-Dudley became the CSRA’s first lumberyard to stock fir plywood and western lumber. The introduction of these items initiated the transition from being commodity based to a full line specialty dealer. Also, during this time, two salesmen were added to call on dealers in a seventy mile radius of Augusta.

As sales grew and labor became more expensive, it became obvious that better methods needed to be adopted in the handling of heavy building materials. During this time products were hand unloaded, warehoused, and reloaded manually. As forklifts became available and competition increased with the introduction of local and regional distribution centers, the decision was made to relocate to a larger location more suitable for increased inventory and material handling.

In 1957, Woodward Lumber Co. was purchased by P.W. Pratt, Hugh Pratt and Fletcher Dudley. After the removal of several buildings and the redesigning of the sales floor, Woodward Lumber was reopened for business as Pratt-Dudley Builders Supply. Woodward lumber had been founded in 1935 and at its height covered several city blocks. They were a producer of raw lumber materials for distributers, manufacturers and dealers in the region. This site would prove to be the missing piece to fully realize the growth of the business.

In 1959, a remodeling department was opened with Fletcher Dudley as supervisor. During this time, the company experienced a loss of customers with whom we were now competitors, and did not add sufficient new profits. In 1961, the remodeling department was closed and Fletcher left the company to pursue land development and other ventures.

In 1963, P.W. Pratt passed away and his son Hugh became President. Hugh started his tenure as President by concentrating on managing a more conventional building material yard. Dealer salesmen were to become contractor salesman. While the home builder became our main customer, the company also solicited the do-it-yourself and retail trade customer. These decisions, built upon the existing business model, ultimately lead to the continued success that had existed from the first decade.

The 1970’s and 80’s was a period of continued growth and prosperity for Pratt-Dudley. Hugh Pratt’s concentration on running a more conventional building supply was paying off. The staff grew to handle the increased business and inventories expanded to include many specialty items. The days of just carrying commodities were no more and Pratt-Dudley found itself in the unique position of being one of the leaders in introducing new specialty items in the Augusta market.

Early in 1988, Mark Pratt, grandson and son of the company cofounders, took over the Presidency and general management of Pratt-Dudley Builders Supply Co. Building upon the foundation that his father had laid, Mark capitalized on the changing landscape within the industry by continuing to add new specialty products and modifying the quality of our existing commodity items. Also, during this time, Mark incorporated the newest technological trends in retail which resulted in Pratt-Dudley being the first builders supply in Augusta to install computers with point of sale, inventory control and account management software.

Pratt-Dudley has had a long and eventful history and has continued to evolve with the times to meet the needs of our local builders, remodelers, and home owners. Although much has changed over the past 75 years; one thing that hasn’t is our commitment to offering exceptional products at competitive prices, backed by solid and dependable service.